SEARA Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Bites (imported from Brazil)

SEARA Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Bites (imported from Brazil)

SEARA Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Bites (imported from Brazil)

Imported directly from Brazil! Enjoy the savory spicy taste of Japanese-style fried chicken thighs, which are fried with a thinly coated batter to create the tender and juicy texture, and marinated with fresh aromatic spices!

After being deep-fried, fresh and richly flavored chicken thighs are steamed over boiling water in the oven, and then frozen using "one-frozen" method, a way to quickly freeze a food item only for once. This will keep all the great flavor inside the chicken and make perfectly juicy and tender chicken tights!

It is pre-fried for easier preparation - Just reheat in a microwave or a toaster oven for a few minutes before serving, and you can quickly enjoy juicy and moist fried chicken!
Ideal for serving as a nibble with drinks as well as a tasty appetizer for parties or a side dish in a lunch box!

*This product is only available in certain areas.

Net Weight
Store at -18℃ or lower.
Country of Origin
Per 100g
●Energy:231kcal ●Protein:12.6g ●Fat:15.7g 
●Carbohydrate:9.7g ●Salt:1.5g 
●Egg ●Milk ●Wheat ●Soy ●Chicken 
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