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Safety Assessments at Product Development Phase

Safety Assessments at Product Development Phase

Prior to merchandising, we conduct a comprehensive
quality inspection at every stage of production process.

We ensure food safety from the beginning of product development phase.

Starting from the product development phase, we conduct a variety of safety inspections.
Only the products that meet our quality specifications are released into the market for distribution.
These inspections include an assessment of compliance with food labelling legislation and other quality-related testings.
We follow our own safety standards and accumulate the data on our past activities and problems for simulating future risks.

We strive for safe and reliable food products through a range of safety inspections and assessments.

Compliance with
Applicable Laws/Regulations
- Food sanitation law
- Food labeling standards
- Nutrition facts
- Country of origin
- Act against unjustifiable premiums and   misleading representations
- Genetically modified food
- Other regulatory requirements
Safety Assessment
- Food sanitation and critical control
- Prevention against contamination of   food products
- Residual agricultural chemicals
- Food allergens
- Packaging materials
- Other underlying factors
Quality Assessment
- Quality of raw materials
- Assignment of best-before date
- Efficiency of traceability system
- Identification of food additives
- Accuracy of temperature control
- Other quality issues