Lightly-baked Yakimochi Pancake (with Scallions)

Lightly-baked Yakimochi Pancake (with Scallions)

Lightly-baked Yakimochi Pancake (with Scallions)

Imported directly from Taiwan! These flaky scallion pancakes (cong zhua bing) are popular for their crispy exterior and chewy interior. A familiar sight in the night markets of Taiwan, this local delicacy is now flash-frozen so that you can easily enjoy it at home, any time.

The flour-based dough is kneaded with green onions and sesame seeds. Pulling the dough apart with chopsticks on a frypan or plate to let in air forms delicious crispy layers.

Perfect for breakfast or as a snack. Change up the flavor by lightly seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, or by wrapping egg, bacon, cheese, or vegetables. Contains 5 pieces.

Net Weight
5 Pcs(600g)
Store at -18℃ or lower.
Country of Origin
Per pcs
●Energy:299kcal ●Protein:9.0g ●Fat:6.8g 
●Carbohydrate:50.3g ●Salt:1.5g 
●Sesame ●Soy ●Wheat 
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