Paratha (Plain)

Paratha (Plain)

Paratha (Plain)

Imported directly from Malaysia! This thin baked bread is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Paratha is a little thicker than chapati, and more filling. The flour dough is folded in layers and then rolled out thinly, imparting a crispy, pie-like texture. The film between the sheets makes them easy to peel off one by one, so you can use only the amount you need.

Serve like naan with curry or as a wrap for meat or vegetables, along with your favorite ingredients. You can also serve it as a sweet treat with fruit or ice cream.

Net Weight
400g(5 Pcs )
Store at -18℃ or lower.
Country of Origin
(Per pcs /
about 80g)
●Energy:242kcal ●Protein:4.8g ●Fat:7.7g 
●Carbohydrate:41.0g ●Salt:0.8g 
●Wheat ●Soy 
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